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  • Basic Information About Swing Gates and How to Choose Them? | HFSecurity
    Basic Information About Swing Gates and How to Choose Them? | HFSecurity
    Swing gate, (pendulum gates) generally known as beat gate in the rail transportation industry, the form of its blocking body (gate swing ) is a plane with a certain area, perpendicular to the ground, to achieve blocking and release by rotating and swinging. The swing gate is composed of chassis, movement, swing arm, control system, infrared sensor, control equipment and other parts.The swing gate is suitable for the occasions where the requirements for the width of the passage are relatively large, including the occasions where there are more pedestrians or bicycles carrying luggage parcels, and the special passage for people with limited mobility. It is also suitable for occasions with high requirements for aesthetics. Such as community schools, attractions, ports, airports, stations, etc.
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