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  • What is Palm Vein Recognition Technology? | HFSecurity
    What is Palm Vein Recognition Technology? | HFSecurity
    Palm vein recognition technology is a biometric technology within artificial intelligence technology, which is used to identify people by the fact that the capillaries in our palms have a strong absorption of infrared light, making the pattern of the palm after near infrared light illumination appear as a darker pattern in the subcutaneous veins.The palm veins consist of papillae, main lines and folds. The palm veins are unique to each individual and almost no two palms are identical. Because palm veins are unique, they are used for identification purposes. Palm print recognition technology is used to identify whether a person's palm is from the same hand or not by using the unique palm print image feature on the palm of the hand.Palm vein recognition technology is a biometric technology that has been born in recent years. Palm vein recognition technology has limited unique characteristics compared to other biometric technologies.
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