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  • Which Biometric Technology Has Good Development Prospect
    Which Biometric Technology Has Good Development Prospect
    At present, the mainstream biometric technologies are face, iris, vein, fingerprint, etc.1.Face recognition technologyFace recognition is based on the physical characteristics of the human face realized through the analysis of face image collection. 2. Iris recognition technologyThe iris is a circular part located between the black pupil and the white sclera, which contains many interlocking spots, filaments, crowns, stripes, crypt foci, and other detailed features. 3. Vein recognition technologyVein recognition technology is a newly emerged biometric identification technology in the last decade, which uses the cells in human blood to have a special absorption effect on infrared light.3. Fingerprint recognitionFingerprint Recognition is a kind of identification technology based on the difference of fingerprint form on the surface of finger, fingerprint is actually the texture formed by the distribution of sweat gland on the surface of human finger
  • What are the Types of Biometrics Identification? | HFSecurity
    What are the Types of Biometrics Identification? | HFSecurity
    Biometric identification system is a kind of pattern recognition system, which can match the fixed characteristics of the probe image with the stored image, for our general traditional identification methods such as ID card, passport, etc., these are to be able to determine the identity with the help of foreign objects, if lost or stolen, it is easy to be impersonated by other people, making their own losses, and biometric identification compared to the traditional identification The identification method makes our identity more secure, not a random person can steal, also makes our identity more private, security, security, that we have understood what are the biometric technology.
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