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  • Application of Face Recognition in Attendance and Access Control System | HFSecurity
    Application of Face Recognition in Attendance and Access Control System | HFSecurity
      Face recognition is based on the human face characteristics, to the input face image or video stream . Firstly, it determines whether there is a human face, and if there is a human face, it further gives the position, size and location information of each major facial organ of each face. Based on this information, the identity features contained in each face are further extracted and compared with the known faces to identify each face.  It integrates computer image processing technology and biostatistics principle in one, using computer image processing technology to extract human image feature points from video, and using the principle of biostatistics to analyze and establish mathematical model, i.e. face feature template. The completed face feature template is used to analyze the features with the human face of the subject, and a similarity value is given according to the result of the analysis. By this value, it can be determined whether it is the same person or not.
  • Why Use Face Recognition Attendance System? | HFSECURITY
    Why Use Face Recognition Attendance System? | HFSECURITY
    In this new era that encourages innovation and progress, artificial intelligence has received unprecedented attention. With its expanding influence and corresponding applications, it has been constantly happening in our daily life. Among them, the one most closely related to our lives is the instant face recognition attendance system based on face recognition technology. At present, in order to strengthen security management, many communities, office buildings and universities in China are gradually upgrading their access control and using the emerging face recognition time and attendance systems as guards to protect the security of buildings. However, most of the access control systems in the security defense system still operate in the mode of swiping access cards. Residents need to carry their access cards with them when entering and leaving the building. Fingerprint verification has indeed made great progress compared with access cards, but when it comes to fingerprint identification cracks, water damage, dust and other phenomena, or even shallow fingerprint identification, it can also be impossible to open the door because it cannot be touched. 
  • What is the Function of Face Recognition Attendance Machine
    What is the Function of Face Recognition Attendance Machine
    Face recognition has the characteristics of high concurrency, high throughput and low latency, even if tens of thousands of faces are searched, it still only takes hundreds of milliseconds to process, meeting your real-time use needs.Using the international leading face algorithm, its accuracy is high, adaptability is strong, and security is good.Using special double cameras, it belongs to the quasi-3D face recognition technology, the recognition performance greatly exceeds the 2D face recognition, and the complexity of the algorithm is much lower than the 3D face recognition.
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