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  • HFSecurity IF05 Iris Face Recognition Attendance Access Control | HFSecurity
    HFSecurity IF05 Iris Face Recognition Attendance Access Control | HFSecurity
    HF-IF05 is a multi-modal biometric access control device with touch screen,supporting iris recognition, face recognition, IC card authentication methods. Professional ergonomic design, can adapt to different height users. The identification distance can be up to 30-100cm,with extremely high security and excellent user experience.
  • How Does the Time and Attendance System Benefit Your Business? | HFSecurity
    How Does the Time and Attendance System Benefit Your Business? | HFSecurity
    Not only do companies have to keep track of the time they spend on payroll, but they also have to keep track of them so that they can make sure that they are working the right amount of time per week. That's when the time and the attendance system are introduced.Time attendance system is a software program, or even a physical device, that keeps an employee's working time. They can be used to keep track of the beginning and end of every shift, as well as the number of hours a worker has been working. Some systems even allow companies to keep track of absences and late arrivals.
  • What are the Biometrics Applications? | HFSecurity
    What are the Biometrics Applications? | HFSecurity
    With the development of the information age, people have higher and higher requirements for the protection of their belongings. Biometric identification technology, as a new and rapidly developing technology, plays an increasingly prominent role in protecting people's information security. With the different research progress of information matching and extraction algorithms, the development of various types of identification technology is also different. So as to provide effective protection for people's information security, that biometric identification technology is applied in which industries? Biometric identification is mainly a technology for identity authentication through human biometric features. Human biological features are usually unique, can be measured or automatically identified and verified, and can be inherited or remain unchanged throughout life, so biometric authentication technology has great advantages over traditional authentication technology. Biometric identification systems sample biometric features, extract their unique characteristics, and convert them into a digital code, and the digital code further forms a feature template. Due to the unique and irreproducible characteristics of the human body, this biometric key cannot be copied, stolen or forgotten, and the identification uses biometric identification technology, which is safe, reliable and accurate.
  • HFSecurity Time Attendance Solution
    HFSecurity Time Attendance Solution
    More and more attention has been grabbed to safety on the way to school. The school bus is a good solution, but it does not eliminate parents’ worry. Then schools add time attendance solution to know if all students come to school on time. However, parents always expect more, in the matter of children's safety.HFSecurity has an exact solution. Besides all functions of traditional time attendance, our solution includes SMS (including photos at attendance) to parents’ mobiles in real-time. In some cases, parents should verify themselves by card, which is linked to a specific student when pick-up, more secure.This solution does not just solve attendance and security issues, but also provides conveniences for campus management, such as lib, canteen, and scores. It provides convenience for everyone evolved
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