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  • HFSecurity Android Application Fingerprint Scanner | HFSecurity
    HFSecurity Android Application Fingerprint Scanner | HFSecurity
    Imagine how cool it would be if you could use your Android applicaition fingerprint scanner for your biometric projects? You could take it anywhere you want and do remote biometric enrollment and identification in the field.Let's be bold and imagine what a great solution it would be if all my Android phones could be used to use as a carrier for biometric projects to be, not only would it be cost saving, but it would be compatible to a large extent. The small size of Android devices enables us to take to all parts of the world and participate in different biometric programs. So what are the items of fingerprint scanner for Android, let's take a look at them together
  • What is Optical Fingerprint Algorithm? | HFSecurity
    What is Optical Fingerprint Algorithm? | HFSecurity
    Regarding the fingerprint algorithm used by the fingerprint punching machine in the optical fingerprint scanner, for the processing of low-quality fingerprint images, we have deeply studied the calculation and image segmentation method of the low-quality fingerprint image texture direction, and proposed a neural network based on the correctness of the texture direction.
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