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August 01, 2022

At present, the face recognition access control system opening has long replaced the fingerprint identification, some three-party payment platform are also scrambling to adopt the face recognition access control system, in everyone's daily life, but also has long been used more and more widely.

School brush face access system focus on installed in each school gate, convenient personnel in and out of management, school brush face access system center by the channel gate machine plus face recognition equipment, so that students in and out of more orderly, can also be reasonably effective to prevent foreign strangers wantonly come in, strengthen campus security management, so as to ensure the safety of children's lives and belongings, universal schools are prohibited strange people into the campus, but On the other hand, parents of students are also allowed to come to campus to pick up their children, resulting in the management and security guards can not identify visitors are outsiders or parents of children, nowadays, the universal kindergarten, elementary school means of processing is the application of ordinary student family cards, card swipe machine at the door as a means of identification, and then the manager or security guards allow visitors to enter, which is also a security risk on campus, the school brush face The school face access control system is based on the management needs of kindergartens and elementary school today and achieved.

Face Recognition use in School

Students' families brush their faces at the school gate, in addition to distinguish whether the campus students' families, the role of the broadcast system to inform the corresponding children's classes, so that kindergarten teachers know that the children's families to pick him up, so that kindergarten teachers take children to the school gate, and then to ensure that during all normal classes, do not allow visitors to the campus, to protect the safety of the school, and the school management through face recognition access control system can be clear The school management can clearly record each entry and exit phenomenon through the face recognition access control system.

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